Peter R. Willis, Esquire, LLP continues to move forward in light of former partner John A. Young, Jr.'s appointment to the Superior Court of Hudson County, and as such we continue to provide the same quality of legal representation that has been made available since our founding.


We are a dedicated law firm that practices criminal defense. We have successfully represented thousands of clients in cases in New Jersey state and federal courts, as well as federal courts throughout the country, including a number of high-profile cases involving political figures, police officers, firefighters and other public employees.


It is our mission to provide our clients with zealous and competent representation in the area of criminal defense. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to maintain the focus of the practice on a limited number of areas, and then specialize in these areas. As such, lawyers in our firm regularly enroll in continuing legal education classes in the areas in which we specialize.


Additionally, our attorneys work with a team of experienced legal experts, forensic experts and investigators who aid us in achieving positive results for our clients. Recently, the firm notably spearheaded the defense of L. Harvey Smith, former state assemblyman and former mayor of Jersey City, who was charged with corruption. Smith was acquitted, only the second political defendant to be acquitted in Federal District Court of New Jersey, out of hundreds of prosecutions, in the past 10 years.


Our attorneys are known for their perseverance, integrity, eye for detail and skill in the courtroom. Mr. Willis has made multiple appearances in New Jersey Super Lawyers and has an unsurpassed reputation in the legal community. As criminal defense attorneys, Peter R. Willis, Esquire, LLP is deeply committed to each client and the United States legal system. As Mr. Willis explains, "no one is turned away because of who they are or what they've been charged with."


Peter R. Willis is the founding and senior partner at Peter R. Willis, Esquire, LLP.


Charles Alvarez joined the firm in March 2011.


Kevin G. Callahan joined the firm as of counsel in September 2012.


Peter R. Willis is recognized as one of the most experienced federal & state criminal trial lawyers in New Jersey. Mr. Willis heads the criminal section of Peter R. Willis, Esquire, LLP.

Charles Alvarez is a graduate of Columbia Law School and specializes in both criminal law and appellate procedure.


Kevin G. Callahan is a retired Hudson County Superior Court Judge who formerly presided over all matters in the criminal division; he now specializes in administrative, appellate and criminal law review.


Links Legal Counsel for the  Honor Legion of the Police Departments of New Jersey

Author of "Know Your Rights" published in NJ Cops Magazine.

New Jersey Courts Online

New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice

United States Federal Sentencing Commission